18075 FM974

Bryan, TX  77808







9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

*Final car enters the Drive-Thru at 4PM


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Release And Waiver Of Liability And Indemnity Agreement To Aggieland Safari, LLC

Read carefully and complete all sections in consideration of being permitted to enter upon and participate in this drive thru safari, owned and operated by Aggieland Safari, LLC  (Herein after, “Safari”), the undersigned, and any personal representatives, heirs and next of kin, hereby releases Aggieland Safari, its’ officers, employees, directors, promotions, sponsors, representatives and staff of this event of all liability to the undersigned. Whether caused by the negligent act or omission of the Safari or otherwise while undersigned is for any purpose participating in the drive thru safari. It is fully understood by each of the undersigned that there is some inherent risk associated with this Safari, including damage to vehicles and bodily injury. In addition, the undersigned under the terms set forth herein, for themselves and on behalf of my child and/or legal ward, heirs, administrators, personal representatives or assigns, agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Safari from any loss, liability, damage, or cost, they incur due to such participation by the undersigned, whether caused by the Safari’s negligence or otherwise and agrees to assure full responsibility and risk for any bodily injury, death, or property damage from the Safari’s negligence or otherwise while the undersigned is participating in this event.

 In this release, each of the undersigned hereby acknowledges under the terms set forth herein, for themselves and on behalf of my child and/or legal ward, heirs, administrators, personal representatives or assigns, and represents the following:


1.     That he/she has read the foregoing release and waiver of liability and indemnity agreement.

2.     That the owner/driver certifies that he/she has inspected this vehicle and same is in good mechanical condition.

3.     That the owner/driver has informed himself/herself about the safari and trail involved in the drive-thru safari, either by prior participation or by investigation into the safari and trail.

4.     He/she represents that he/she does not have any physical or other conditions or disability that would create a hazard to him/her or other participants or employees of Aggieland Safari, LLC. That he/she has read all posted rules related to this Safari and trail and agrees to abide by them fully. These rules include but are not limited to:

1.     All participants must stay in their vehicles at all times. If you need assistance, please call the park office at 979-599-5440.

2.     All participants should NOT feed animals directly from their hands.

3.     Follow all instructions given by Safari staff and employees.

4.     No reckless driving.

5.     Failure to comply with any rules of the park, stated herein or otherwise posted, or the directions of staff or employees of Aggieland Safari, LLC will result in ejectment from park without refund.

6.     Do not sit on tailgate or hang outside the vehicle.

7.     Do not roll your window up if the animal sticks its head inside. Simply drive away.

I/we acknowledge that I/we are willing to participate in all aspects of this Drive Thru Safari, which I/we have willingly entered. I recognize my own driving limitations and understand the handling characteristics of my vehicle. I/we recognize that off-road driving is a potentially hazardous activity and will assume all risk of personal injury and property damage arising from and/or related to this activity, including but not limited to, damage to my vehicle or injury to my persona. I further understand that the animals located within Aggieland Safari, LLC are wild animals of many types, which are not tame, may be savage and unpredictable in nature. I/we understand and agree that medical services or facilities may not be readily available during my/our time at Aggieland Safari, LLC, and that this includes emergency medical care, presence of physicians, and adequate medication. I/we will obey all rules and safety regulations of this Safari and have read and fully understand the Release and Waiver. I/We do agree to release and hold harmless Aggieland Safari, LLC, its' agents, organizers, property owners, employers, and staff from any and all claims, liability, losses, injuries, property damage, and related costs which I/we may suffer from this Safari.


Park hours & park operating days are subject to change without notice. Ticket prices and ticket options are subject to change without notice. Admission to the park may be denied due to park capacity. In the event of mechanical failure or inclement weather, Aggieland Safari may close any of the attractions and exhibits without notice. Ticket/Pass holders grant Aggieland Safari the right to film, video or photograph ticket/pass holders for any purpose whatsoever without any payment or compensation of any kind.​​

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